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In Wonderfully Made, author Neva Ann Cairco reveals her life’s journey and exposes the core cause for her abortion. Her story is written to help heal the broken and wounded—with God’s direction. For Neva, discovering the underlying rationale for that decision was the beginning step to obtain her release from abortion’s guilt and shame. God used her struggles to reveal his love and mercy. Neva brings to light the potency of the forgiveness found in Jesus Christ. That very same power is available to help others struggling with this heart breaking experience. But how do we get there? Neva takes a loving yet no-nonsense look at abortion. She shows us how we can receive God’s forgiveness. She walks us through her life’s path of innocence, deception, confusion, heartbreak, revelation, and release. She understands that many lives have been deeply impacted as a result of that single decision. Living with abortion’s guilt and shame is a killer, but you can come alive and discover the joy and freedom of forgiveness.

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